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(ҡ ʡ ɡ ҡ ǡ ) 08-08-2012.

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Press Note

PM Salam Fayyad will be visiting eight villages located south of Hebrontomorrow the 8th of August 2012.

The Israeli government has recently announced the plans to forcibly evacuate and demolish these villages (al Majaz, a-Tabban, a-Sfay, al-Fakhit, al-Halaweh, al-Mirkez, Jinba, and al- Kharuba)

Gathering will start in Mufaqarah village at 11:00 after which PM Fayyad will be heading to al-Fakhit village.

For more information

Ouf Awadallah 058992791

Duna Kafri 0597914126

press note 08-08-2012- Arb-1.doc

press note 08-08-2012- Eng.doc


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